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Impasse Declared

The New Haven Teachers Association (NHTA) and the New Haven Unified School District have declared impasse in its negotiation process. The two parties have been meeting since last year in order to negotiate a new contract. Teachers have now been working without a contract since July 14, 2014.


As many of you know, NHTA will be conducting a Work-to-Rule Action from January 26th to February 6th. This decision was not made lightly. The Organizing Team feels that it is time to show the District that we work far beyond our contractual hours which directly benefits and enhances the education of our students. This is but a small taste of what a strike would do.

It is also time to let the Community know that NHUSD is experiencing labor unrest due to its failure in contract negotiations to honor the sacrifices its employees have made to ensure the solvency of the District during the drastic cuts to education during the Great Recession. As one CTA President said, “If the flags are flying, and the doors are open, most of the public assumes things are fine in our schools.”

Well, things are not fine. The District has broken its promise that when we agreed to cuts (24 furlough days, step and column freeze, 1% paycut) and times were better, we would not be fighting the fight we find ourselves in – their attempt to cap our healthcare. They would honor the sacrifices we have made and not change the way our healthcare is funded.

It is not easy for teachers to do Work-to-Rule. We know that we can’t get all the work done that is needed to provide a quality educational experience within the contractual workday. However, when our livelihoods are threatened, there are difficult decisions that need to be made. When we get everyone to participate, this will help us move negotiations and avert a strike. Better a two-week Work-to-Rule than an indefinite strike.

We are choosing to do a limited two-week Work-to-Rule action, so that our members can all participate with the knowledge that it is for a time specific period. This is not an open-ended action that could drag on indefinitely. It is the hope that our concerted action will convince the School Board they do not want to continue down the road we are headed. Otherwise, they will be the school board responsible for the first time in NHUSD’s history of seeing its employees strike.

Here are the particulars:

  • All sites will be sending home a Work-to-Rule letter to parents explaining what it means. A letter for each level has been written and will be delivered by your Organizing Team member. Copies will be made for teachers to send home.
  • We will work a 7-hour day. All teachers will walk into school at the same time, and all teachers will leave school at the same time. Sites will decide what those times will be.
  • No homework will be assigned. Work assigned will be limited to what can be assessed during our contractual day.
  • No After-School Clubs
  • No Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • No answering emails during non-contractual hours.

Coaches who receive a stipend for co-curricular activities will continue to fulfill their contractual obligations.

Any activities that you feel can be postponed for two weeks, should be.

Remember – this is only for a two-week period at this time. We can all do this for two weeks.

If you have questions about specific things that you should/should not do, email NHTAPres@gmail.com

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