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About New Haven Teachers Association

Over 50 years ago, the New Haven Teachers Association (NHTA) was established to ensure that the rights of the most valuable professionals, teachers, are protected.

We all agree that the service teachers provide is the foundation for success for all students. That success is based on sound teaching practices that our members provide above and beyond the established workday. Our commitment to education and the student success ethic is the reason why NHTA teachers are some of the most distinguished educators locally, statewide and nationally.

NHTA is an affiliate of the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the National Education Association (NEA). By being part of the local, state and national conversations of education issues, NHTA is current on all the challenges and changes that impact service in public education. This awareness results in our members having access to the most up to date professional development and training in all levels of service.

Your membership will allow you to have continued access to all the support that Unions have historically fought for and won. That foundation continues to allow us to have a union voice in getting fair wages, benefits, employee protections and needed training to ensure we continue to provide the award winning and recognized service our members are know for by students and parents of Union City.

It is with your continued membership and voice, our historical path of education excellence in the New Haven Unified School District moves forward.

We look forward to our work together to assist and ultimately support the success of you, and your students, as a member of the New Haven Teachers Association.



Elections are held in the Spring of each year. 
Office of the President is every other year. 
All other positions are yearly.